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Rose Crystal Exfoliating System




A combination of our Rosewater and White Tea Gel Cleanser and Rose Crystal Exfoliating Powder.

Rosewater and White Tea Gel Cleanser

A blend of mild plant extracts with detergent effects, this gentle cleanser is lightly scented and suitable for all skin types.

Rose Crystal Exfoliating Powder

This unique powdered exfoliant turns any cleanser into a gentle scrub.

Use: Pour a small amount of cleanser into the palm of hand. Keep in mind that the exfoliating sugar crystals will dissolve in a water-base cleanser. Add an equal amount of polishing powder and mix lightly with fingertips. Immediately massage cleanser onto damp skin with gentle circular, upward strokes, avoiding sensitive eye areas. Add more powder or cleanser as necessary. Leave on for 5 minutes as a mask, if desired. Remove with several splashes of warm water. For weekly use.

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